*GRUNGE MILK is an extended media project exploring the fluidity of context and commerce.

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Pleased to announce the publication of my interview with Taylor Davis in the newest edition of ARTPULSE Magazine. No. 22 | Vol. 6 | 2015. Available on magazine stands or by subscription: artpulsemagazine.com  


INSTALLATIONS AND WORKS ON CANVAS | 2014. Identity is Fluid, vinyl on wall, size variable, 2014 You Make You, vinyl on wall, size variable, 2014 $100 plus tax and shipping, acrylic on canvas, 40″ x 70″, 2014 Shadow Play, acrylic on canvas, 36″ x 36″, 2014 Play, mixed media on wall, size variable, 2014

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PINterest PROJECT | 2014-2015 A year long project exploring identity theft and sublimation. Culminating in an installation featuring 1,000 objects falsely “pinned” under the artist’s name. Each object is being performed, fabricated or purchased by the artist as the constructed digital identity takes form in physical space.  

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Please check out my review of Taylor Davis’ exhibition at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in the newest publication of ARTPULSE Magazine. No. 20 | Vol. 6 | 2014. Available on magazine stands or by subscription: artpulsemagazine.com


LINE: Disambiguation Project | 2013-2014. A time based drawing project where only one line a day was drawn every day from 6|12|13- 6|12|14. Prints, wall drawing, video and archive of drawings.    


Savannah College of Art and Design, Art First Lecture Series | Friday, April 29th, 2-3:30pm,  2011 | Arnold Hall Auditorium, Savannah GA

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In 2010, Vanessa Platacis ended a body of work titled “PIXNIT” by releasing the following obituary to the media. PIXNIT, 35; Notorious Boston Artist PIXNIT, the controversial Boston based artist as famous for her anonymity as for her street art, is missing and presumed dead.  Her breakthrough came in 2007 when the Boston Globe ran … Continue reading